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Discover Seven Solid Training Courses In Project Management

After enrolling in a class to study project executives, you will acknowledge this statement’s significance! Dealing with an undertaking is surprisingly complicated because you are never protected from the unforeseen. To restrict the harm, it is vital to ace the codes. La Fabrique du Net has chosen seven undertaking the executive’s instructional classes for you. On the program:

  1. Meaning of needs.
  2. Arranging.
  3. Lithe strategy.
  4. In any event, planning or even grouping the board… with these techniques.
  5. Sorting out occasions with companions will turn into a drop in the bucket.

Seven Training Courses In Project Management To Discover

Management And Management Of Operational Projects – M2i Formation

This project management training offered by M2i Formation will allow you to acquire the skills necessary to manage projects. You will thus find different critical steps required for project management, such as budget definition, risk minimization, team management or meeting deadlines.

Thanks to M2i, you will learn how to conduct a project design meeting, compose and collaborate with a face-to-face or geographically distant team, establish an action plan or even establish budgets. The advantage of this training? A questionnaire carried out upstream will allow you to identify your areas of progress. In addition, the emphasis is on the human and deals with issues of hierarchy, political issues or geographical distance.

  1. Price: 1650 € – fundable by Collective Actions
  2. Format: 3 days – remotely or face-to-face at La Défense
  3. Level: the trainee must know the fundamentals of project management and the role of the project manager

Project Management Training: The Five Essentials – Elegia

Elegia offers project management training to define, frame and organize a project. The focus is on initialization and framing. This service is a question of planning, budgeting, and understanding the importance of communication and project management if you hope to see it end.

In particular, you will learn how to define a methodology, express a need, structure a project and define its organization. In project management, it is necessary to identify the risks that would prevent the achievement of the objective. To limit them as much as possible, this training also focuses its learning on the creation of monitoring tools and the definition of a communication plan.

The advantage of this organization lies in the fact that it supports its trainees in creating monitoring dashboards and the definition of Gantt charts. Indeed, the latter is particularly relevant in project management. Finally, Elegia offers a good mix between theory and experimentation.

  1. Price: €1,490 – fundable by the company’s skills development plan
  2. Format: 2 days remotely or face-to-face in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg
  3. Level: for those new to the role of project manager

The Fundamentals Of Project Management – ​​Comundi Skills

Comundi Skills offers training on the fundamentals of project management. The idea is to acquire the necessary tools for project management. Thus, the learning is concentrated on the start of the project, the drafting of technical specifications, the organization of kick-offs, the definition of a project team… all of this up to the balance sheet.

This training helps trainees to master the different tools but, above all, to integrate the key behaviors that will allow a project to be completed in the best conditions. At the end of the training, you can control costs, deadlines, and profitability! Emphasis is placed on collaboration, team animation and meeting management. In addition, you will discuss the PERT and GANTT methods. Finally, an assessment of prior learning will validate your skills.

  1. Price: €2,050 – CPF eligible
  2. Format: remotely or face-to-face in Paris, the possibility of carrying out the training in an individual format
  3. Level: recently appointed or occasional project managers – requires the preparation of a concrete or future use case.

Project Management: The Essential Steps – Gereso

Tesco offers to train you in project management, all in the form of essential steps to know. As in all the training provided so far, you will find a typical basis, namely the management of planning, team, budget and steering. On the other hand, the particularity is centered on the culture and the project environment in general.

Thus, you will learn to master the vocabulary and will be able to distinguish between design thinking and agility. In addition, you will be able to acquire the right reflexes to master to fulfill a specific objective: to save time. This training focused on the methodology will allow you to learn how to use the right tools, identify risks, define coherent objectives and manage and communicate as effectively as possible.

  1. Price: €1437
  2. Format: remotely or face-to-face in Paris
  3. Level: new project managers or coordinators

The Fundamentals Of Project Management – ​​EFE

EFE offers training to acquire the fundamentals of project management. The objective is to learn how to manage a project and master the tools and the relational dimension. This service uses interactive tools such as video modules and quizzes to transmit the methodology in project mode.

 At the end of the training, you should be able to initiate and plan the project, assert your leadership, manage conflicts, and pilot and close the project. The evaluations, application exercises, and simulations will allow you to understand the concepts necessary for project management and have a concrete vision of the missions of a project manager daily.

  1. Price: €1910
  2. Format: 3 days (21h) remotely or face-to-face in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille, Strasbourg
  3. Level: anyone required to manage a project regularly or on an ad hoc basis

Manage A Digital Project With A waterfall Methodology – Open Classrooms

What would an article on training be without mentioning Open classrooms… The organization has several training courses in project management, including this one, focused on digital project management with a cascading methodology. The program is organized in 3 stages: the initiation, launch and operation phases. 

You will then be able to analyze customer needs, carry out a feasibility study, budget and formulate a commercial proposal. You will learn to create functional and technical specifications to frame your project during the launch phase. Finally, the exploitation phase will take into account production and design.

At the end of the training, you can analyze and collect customer needs, prepare and organize meetings, build a schedule and manage a multidisciplinary team. The advantage of this training? His price! It is free. However, you must subscribe to a subscription to obtain the certification.

  1. Price: free but paid certification – support for professional training
  2. Format: 8 hours remotely
  3. Beginner level

Project Management, The Fundamentals – Orsys Formation

This training offered by Osys allows you to learn how to master the smooth running of projects. This is based on understanding the fundamentals to meet objectives regarding costs, deadlines and quality criteria. Indeed, thanks to this training, you will be able to clearly identify a project’s components and primarily assess the costs. 

These key concepts will allow you to establish a schedule and budget and monitor your various critical indicators in a dashboard to control risks. Osys relies on a concrete, practical case that will be a common thread throughout the training. Thus, you are concrete and helpful from the start.

  1. Price: 1890 €
  2. Format: remotely and face-to-face in the main cities of France, Switzerland and Belgium
  3. Level: future MOE and MOA project managers. You must take a test to establish your knowledge of the subject.

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