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How To Use Your Email Domain With iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail: Using your email domain automatically ensures more flexibility and seriousness. That’s why we will show you, how to use your email domain with iCloud Mail. If you use iCloud Mail, you send emails with the default address “name.icloud.com.” What is expected in the private sphere quickly becomes unprofessional in the business sphere. For this reason, users decide to have their email domain. This changes the email address to “name.domain.com.”

In 2021, Apple presented the premium subscription iCloud+ at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), which should score particularly well in security and additional functions. One of those features is using your email domain with iCloud Mail.

Connect iCloud Mail To Your Domain – Here’s How It Works Step By Step

First, it is essential that the instructions only apply if you already have your domain. If this is not the case yet, you can quickly and easily register your domain with your hoster. Use the domain check in advance to check whether your desired domain is still freely available. Make sure you choose an environment that suits you and your brand.

In the following, we will show you how to connect iCloud Mail to your email domain in just five steps.

Step 1: Sign In To iCloud Mail

The first step is to log in to iCloud Mail. On Apple’s website https://www.icloud.com, you can log in by entering your Apple ID and password. Since Apple users have often logged into the iCloud account for various reasons, logging in here usually only takes a few seconds.

Step 2: Go To My Email Domain Settings

Choose your account settings once you’re signed in to your iCloud account. Then click on the “Manage” button in the “Own email domain” menu item to access the precise locations for your email domain.

Step 3: Select The Type Of Email Account And Specify The Domain

Before you enter your domain, you first select your email account type. Would you like to use the environment for your iCloud mail account alone, or should your family members (as part of Apple’s family sharing) also have the option?

After you’ve decided, enter the email domain that you want to connect to iCloud Mail in the “Domain” field. Then click on the “Next” button.

Step 4: Adjust Settings At The Domain Registrar

In the next step, you have to inform the provider with which you registered your domain of the link. Apple supports you at this point by giving you an uncomplicated specification of which values ​​you have to transfer to the account with your domain provider. You get these values ​​​​by going to “View” in your iCloud menu under “Update settings of your domain registrar” and transferring the individual points.

Depending on the provider, the setup is even easier. If your provider is one of them, all you have to do is select “Continue,” log into your provider account and wait for the entries to adjust automatically.

Step 5: Complete Configuration

So you have signed up for iCloud Mail, entered your email domain, and transferred all-important values ​​​​to your domain provider. To end the connection between your email domain and iCloud Mail, select the “Finish configuration” button.

You will then see immediately whether the link worked or not. If so, you’ll see a message here that your domain is ready for use with iCloud Mail. Finally, click on the “Next” button to complete the settings and send emails with your domain via iCloud.

What Does An iCloud Mail With Its Domain Bring?

If you use iCloud Mail, the email address “name.icloud.com” is used by default. If you now subscribe to the new iCloud+ premium subscription and have your domain name, you have the option to set up iCloud Mail as described above.

Your domain name will then be used when sending and receiving your emails. This allows your recipients to see at a glance that the emails come from your personalised email address.

In summary, using iCloud Mail with your domain offers a few advantages:

  • With their email domain, users automatically gain credibility for business emails.
  • If you run your own company, you will appear more professional to business customers with your email domain than with a standard address such as “name-icloud.com.”
  • You have the opportunity to decide for yourself which provider you want to register your domain with.
  • This gives you a lot more flexibility with your part when it comes to hosting.
  • You can use your email domain with iCloud Mail for you and your family members. This allows you to create different email addresses for your family, for example.
  • Apple supports you by making it easy to set up, and there are links to many providers.

Conclusion: Own Email Domain For More Professionalism

Especially in the business area, users do not score professionalism if they do not use their email domain. Therefore, the new premium subscription iCloud+ from Apple offers a helpful and straightforward way of combining the use of iCloud Mail and your domain.

If you want to use your email domain independently of iCloud Mail, you also have other options. With many hosters, you can create your email address, including your domain, for as little as one euro per month. You get your email domain here. You can create multiple email addresses for different departments and synchronise them on other devices. In contrast to free email providers, you will not be distracted by advertising when using it. So you can concentrate on your work and always see your emails clearly and ad-free.

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