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HR Trends 2022: 6 Essential Predictions From Experts

HR Trends: Wellbeing culture, time management, agile transformation, and meaningfulness are just topics that will shape the HR area in 2022. Six experts forecast the most critical HR trends. The “Great Resignation” is currently spreading in the USA, causing millions of employees to quit their jobs this year. They are exchanged for higher salaries, company values, flexible work locations and times, and needs-based services.

Petra Strombeck, CEO of New York, sums up the current HR trends: “We live in an employee market.” The focus must be on a new corporate culture to attract and retain talent. The HR managers at Mashup Communications, Gym pass, Moss, Triple-A, Planday, and Advoservice explain what will be important in 2022.

HR Trends: What Comes After The Home Office?

Some prefer to stay in their four home office walls forever, while others are drawn back to the office by the longing for colleagues and personal exchange. No matter what your preference is and when the world is back to “normal,” one thing will prevail: In the future, companies will continue to rely on trust and have to offer flexible, hybrid working models. And the remote regulation was just the beginning to keep and recruit employees: workcation, 4-day week, trust leave or other freedoms in the organization of working hours have meanwhile become standard in many companies. As a consequence, corporate cowering, desk sharing, or mobile work will find their way into companies,

Holistic Services For Inclusiveness And Culture Of Wellbeing

The HR trends this year will be shaped by hybrid work. Now is the time to ensure the wellbeing of all employees. Health is a priority, no matter when, where, or how you work. Modern CEOs create a feel-good culture for this. To address everyone in the company, it becomes essential to take an inclusive and holistic approach. For example, access to different solutions for mental health, physical activity, and fitness has improved productivity, wellbeing, and stress management. Ultimately, the following applies: work result counts working time. Therefore, a healthy workforce needs holistic wellbeing measures that can be used flexibly and in hybrid ways. Inclusivity is the keyword here so that everyone can find the individual offer,

HR Trends: Establishing New Work In The Finance Department

With New Work models, companies demonstrably increase the motivation and performance of their employees. Home office and co. Enable employees to do their work from home via digital channels. But not all areas of the company benefit equally. Finance departments and their processes and their employees are often still tied to the analog mess of paper and going to the office. It was evident that this situation collides with the challenges of a modern working environment. The solution here would be straightforward. Digital credit cards and SaaS applications make it possible to grant administrative employees access to the company account and all other employees.

At the same time, it appeals to the sense of responsibility of colleagues to have a certain degree of sovereignty for the company’s financial affairs within the framework of their role. This is precisely where New Work meets a certain financial autonomy. Granting employees personal responsibility for payments and expenses can strengthen company loyalty and reliability. In addition, digital tools relieve the staff, who can now focus on more productive activities. And in doing so, it retains control over financial management.

More Humanity And Time For What Matters

While digitization has been running at full speed in Scandinavia for years, the pandemic has thrown other European countries into the deep end. The HR Trends 2022 in Germany will continue to integrate digital tools into everyday work because the desire for time savings, simplicity, and flexibility is gaining the upper hand. The pandemic has also shown the importance of doing what matters. Nobody wants to waste time, and many only do what they want. Individuality, a work-life balance, and the wellbeing of employees come even more to the fore, and humanity is once again a top priority.

HR Trends: Binding Talent To The Company

Today we live in a privileged society and can allow ourselves the luxury of striving more and more for self-realization, i.e., the top of the hierarchy of needs. For this reason, the meaningfulness of what people do for most of the day is very important to how fulfilled and satisfied they feel. This is precisely what employers should focus on: Working with their employees to develop the positions to identify with them. Personal responsibility is also encouraged, and colleagues feel connected to the company. The trust placed in them and this type of appreciation, in turn, result in loyalty among the talents. So they get through difficult times, act supportively, recommend the company and stay.

HR Plays A Crucial Role In Agile Transformation

With new approaches and competencies for managers and employees, HR departments are enablers and drivers for agile change. In doing so, they create the conditions to react to the digital speed. From redesigning HR tasks using the Scrum method to organizing feedback and optimizing recruiting processes. In times of a general shortage of skilled workers, new ways of working are no longer just conceivable in software development. Due to the rapid changes in processes, companies will need to expand agile principles to other areas in 2022. HR departments, in particular, will play a vital role in this transformation.

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