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iOS 16 tips: 10 Must-Know features

How you use your iPhone changes with the new iOS 16 operating system. Apple’s latest innovation launched last September, iOS 16, is loaded with new features intended to make your life easier. Always more evolved, more intelligent, more fluid, and above all, more customizable, iOS allows you to communicate subtly with the world. In this article, learn some of the handy features of iOS 16 that might help you use it well.

Keyboard Haptic Feedback Option

Most iPhones have a haptic motor that allows them to vibrate, which has existed for a long time. When you unlock it or when you make calls, the phone starts to vibrate slightly. Now this feature is available on the iOS 16 keyboard. When you start typing on one of the virtual keys, you can feel this vibration, even if the keyboard is not in vibrate mode. 

Very nice; this option lets you have feedback from your phone that reacts to your contact. Not being a default mode, you have to go to the setting to take advantage of it. Just enter “Settings,” click on “Sounds and vibrations,” and then select “Keyboard feedback” and end up activating “Vibration.”

View Wifi Password

Did you forget your wifi password? Thanks to iOS 16, you can access the wifi connection password saved on your iPhone. To do this, you will muster the “Settings” menu thenandose Wi FWi-Fice, select the wifi network you want the password to be revealed, then open the information button. Then go to the “Password” option. Face ID or Touch ID must first identify you to make the codes appear. Only then can the password be unlocked. You can copy and paste it to send it or save it somewhere.

Home Screen setting

The most apparent change brought by iOS 16 is its Lock screen. Customizable at will, you can now have a screen that reflects your image. A multitude of elements will allow you to modify it as you wish. You can display various information that may interest you. You choose the font and the color of the date, time, weather, alarms, and the widgets that will remain on your iPhone’s locked screen.

Just keep your hand pressed on the screen, and your collection of home screens will scroll across the screen. You must have configured a new lock screen to have it. To do this, choose a wallpaper from your camera roll or predefined images according to themes such as astronomy or emojis.

New Menu To Configure AirPods

AirPods are very practical for listening to audio content, making calls, or listening to messages quietly without being bothered by the noise around us. Using AirPods has been simplified in iOS 16. Although first your AirPods must be paired with your iPhone, it is now possible to configure it without going through the Bluetooth settings of iOS. To make parameter changes, you must enter the “Settings” menu of your iPhone, and you will access a menu specially reserved for adjusting your AirPods.

New Spotlight Search Bar Location

Very practical, it allows you to find folders, applications, or other elements in your iPhone. Under iOS 16, the search bar is found at the bottom of the home screen. This location gives it another feature, which allows you to navigate between your different pages just by sliding it to one side or the other. However, disabling this button by going to “Settings” and unchecking the option “Show on home screen” is possible.

Securing Personal Photos With Face ID

Thanks to Face ID, all the photos you want to be hidden are very well protected. The hidden photo album, as well as the trash present in your iPhone, will then only be accessible by password or identification. To do this, tap “Settings, “then enter “Photos, “find “Use Face ID,” and activate. Face ID will automatically prompt for identification each time access is attempted. No one except you will be able to see these photos. The curious can then remain unsatisfied.

Extract Subjects In Photos Or Even Videos

One of the most amazing features of iOS 16 is the ability to crop an element of a photo or video to be then able to move it. You can immediately use it, share it or save it. You can also make a montage by placing the extracted element on another background. This element can be a person, an animal, or any object. You don’t need any software for this, and it’s relatively easy. Hold down on the element, and it will clip automatically. You can immediately copy it.

Easy Email Management

IOS 16 makes your life not only personal but also professional much easier. Because of the time zone or because you don’t want to show that you worked late at night, you can now schedule your emails to be sent according to your needs. Indeed, planning in advance when your email should be sent is possible.

 However, you must ensure that mobile data is activated when the shipment is scheduled. Still concerning emails, it is now possible to cancel the sending of an email if you change your mind at the last moment. When you send an email, the option “Cancel sending “will appear at the bottom of the screen. You then have a few seconds to press it before the message is definitively sent.

More Detailed Weather App

At first glance, nothing differentiates the weather application of iOS 16 from that of iOS 15. But a big evolution is noticed when you look closely. This application is very detailed and gives information on the weather, the wind, the precipitation, the UV index, the humidity, or the temperature. And about the latter, iOS 16 highlights the different temperature changes that could occur in a curve in a day. The sunrise or sunset time is also communicated to you, thanks to iOS 16.

Battery Display

A feature already seen in previous iPhones now carried over to iOS 16 displays the remaining battery percentage. It seems innocuous, but it is, however, very useful not to be surprised by a battery that is too flat and to be able to charge it in time. To display the battery level in figures at the top of your screen, go to “Settings,” then “Battery,” and finally activate the “Battery percentage” button.

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