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The Most Downloaded Applications In 2023

2023 has seen the growing success of certain applications and social networks. Are you curious as a user, which of them rises to the top? Find in this article the top applications that have been the subject of many downloads during the year 2023. Let’s go!

Mind-Boggling Numbers

Before going any further, let’s first look at some numbers worth attention too. 36.9 billion… that’s the number of application downloads recorded in the first quarter of last year alone! This impressive figure stems from a recent study by Sensor Tower, an expert company in data analysis. Among these 36.9 billion, 8.6 billion downloads were made from the App Store and 28.3 billion from Google Play Store.

A Ranking Established By Apptopia

Every year and for 6 years, the Apptopia firm ranks the most downloaded applications. How does he proceed? First of all, the latter only considers unique downloads. If a user has many devices, the downloads he performs will be counted only once. Similarly, this will not be considered if the same application has been deleted and then reinstalled. It should be noted that for its calculations, Apptopia is essentially based on data from the Google Play Store and the App Store! As far as China is concerned, the firm relies instead on data from iOS. After these few clarifications, let’s now see what the ranking gives:

Tik Tok, Again And Again

Unsurprisingly, Tik Tok takes the lead and takes first place! The popular video-sharing platform owned by Chinese company ByteDance has recently gained popularity. No one is, therefore, surprised to see this application occupying the head of the pack for the third year in a row. It is far ahead of Facebook and alone totals 672 million downloads. TikTok even manages to impose itself in the country of Uncle Sam with 99 million downloads. Same thing in Europe, where the application sits comfortably in the first place!

Instagram And WhatsApp Ambushed

The two applications of the American giant Meta, namely Instagram and WhatsApp, rank second and third, respectively. Instagram, a photo and video-sharing platform, has accumulated 548 million downloads. And for the WhatsApp messaging and video call application, it’s no less than 424 million downloads! Ultimately, Meta is not doing too badly thanks to its 2 flagship applications.

CapCut, A logical Fourth Place

Since Tik Tok tops the charts, it makes sense that its video editor is just slightly behind in the rankings. Through CapCut, most Tik Tok users create and edit their videos and then publish them on the platform. Taking fourth place, CapCut recorded 357 million downloads for the year 2022.

Snapchat, Telegram, And games

With 330 million downloads, Snapchat comes in 5th position! The application for sending photo messages is closely followed by Telegram, which has totaled 310 million downloads. Next comes the famous mobile game Subway Surfers! Released in 2012, the latter does not seem determined to be ousted from his throne 10 years later.

It’s the most popular game in the four corners of the planet! It counts 304 million downloads and rises to 7th place. Another game called “Stumble Guys” points to the 9th site totaling 254 million downloads. This is a new entrant in the top 10 most downloaded applications. Its entry was made at the expense of the Roblox game, which was ejected from this top 10 for the year 2022.

And Facebook In All This?

Even though Facebook has lost some of its popularity over the years, the social network that made Mark Zuckerberg famous still comes in eighth place! It still has 298 million downloads. Of course, it is still very far from the 672 million downloads of Tik Tok, but it remains a significant figure.

Spotify Brings Up The Rear

In tenth place in this ranking is Spotify. The famous music streaming platform has 238 million downloads. This shows that Spotify still stands out today as the world’s No. 1 streaming company.

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