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Listen To Music And Charge Your Iphone Simultaneously

iPhone 7, 8, iPhone x, iPhone XR, and XS do not have Jack 3.5 audio output. The decision to eliminate the classic analog audio output made no small argument for fans of the bitten apple.It may well be true that the sound quality has improved, that the box of the new iPhones features a Jack 3.5 to Lightning adapter, and that the era of cable connections is over… All of this may be true, but it is also true that it remains impossible, for example, to listen to music and charge your iPhone. The only lightning output doesn’t allow you to do both simultaneously. But all is not lost. There are three ways to listen to music and charge your iPhone.

Three Ways To Listen To Music And Charge IPhone Simultaneously

Way 1. Wireless Charging

By purchasing a wireless battery charger, you can go back to doing what was once simple, charging your iPhone and listening to music. We have reviewed a Wireless charging base here; the charging bases allow you to charge your iPhone using induction charging. Only iPhone 8, 8 plus, and iPhone X, XR, and XS have the technology necessary to charge the battery; iPhone 7 does not have a wireless charging module.

There is also another downside. To recharge the battery, the iPhone must be left on the charging base. So to listen to music and recharge the device, you need to connect the cable and place the iPhone on the base. If you need to change the music track, you must take the device from the charging base by interrupting the battery charge. This first way of charging the iPhone and listening to music works up to a certain point. If you don’t have an iPhone 8 or X or need to listen on the device, you need to move on to the subsequent listening and charging system.

Way 2. Bluetooth Headphones Or Earphones

The second way to listen to music and recharge iPhones is to use Bluetooth headphones or earphones. Nowadays, big chains and big online commerce sites offer many models of Bluetooth headphones and earphones. The advantage of using these wireless listening devices is the convenience; you can walk away from your iPhone and listen to music, for example, in another room.

The iPhone can be charged, and you can listen to your songs without difficulty. The downside, however, of this system is that Bluetooth headphones and earphones are yet another gadget that needs to be recharged. It would be the limit if you were forced to recharge both devices, and therefore, you would be forced to postpone listening to music or your favorite audiobook. It’s better to switch to system 3.

Way 3. Adapter

But do you mean that no adapter allows us to listen to music and recharge the iPhone? Of course, it exists! Belkin manufactures it, and it is an adapter that allows you to double the inputs. You get two inputs from a single lightning input, one lightning, and one 3.5 jack. Also on sale is an adapter that transforms one lightning output into two lightning outputs.

The Belkin Rock Star adapter costs around forty euros and can be purchased from here. The reviews are more than positive; the adapter is Apple certified, therefore, safe and reliable. The dual functionality allows you to listen to music, using, for example, classic headphones with 3.5 output and, in the meantime, recharge the iPhone battery.


They think there are only so many ways to listen to music and recharge the battery of a new iPhone 7, 8, or X. But if you know other tricks. Could you write to us in the comments?

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