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Make A Gantt Chart Online For Free With Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a visual workplace that consolidates charting, information representation, and coordinated effort highlights to work with correspondence and drive development.

Effectively Manage Your Project Timeline With Online Gantt charts

Making a Gantt chart online allows you to condense all the tasks and deadlines for your next project into a single document. Whether you’re looking to allocate resources efficiently, facilitate coordination between different groups, or manage multiple deadlines, our Gantt chart software makes it easy to visualize everyone’s role at each project stage. Use Lucidchart to create and customize a Gantt chart for free to help you complete your project on time and within budget.

Please Select A Specific Gantt Chart Template From Our Gallery

Traditional Gantt charts can look complicated and disorganized: use our template gallery to make a structured Gantt chart that streamlines your project from inception to completion. Choose a template to create a detailed, personalized, and perfectly tailored representation of your project. Unlike other software, Lucidchart lets you easily edit your Gantt chart online by dragging and dropping shapes like swimlanes and customizing formatting and colors to indicate tasks, teams, and resources. Important.

Collaborate Quickly With Your Favorite Applications

While other project management software makes updating documents or working as a team tedious, our free Gantt chart software encourages real-time collaboration so all your stakeholders can contribute. 

Discuss, leave comments, or share your diagram directly from Lucidchart. Simultaneously work on the same document with other collaborators, anytime, anywhere. Share your work on Slack, Confluence, Jira, or other collaboration platforms, ensuring your team always has the latest version of your Gantt chart.

Share Your Gantt Chart Online In G Suite Or Download Your Gantt Project

Our powerful G Suite integrations give you more flexibility when creating your Gantt chart by making it easy to edit, share, and collaborate. Thanks to our integration with Google Drive, you benefit from automatic synchronization and backup, which makes it easy to store, consult and update all your files in a centralized place. 

Share and present your Lucidchart documents quickly and simultaneously with your other essential documents. With our free add-ons, you can insert your Gantt charts directly into Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. If you need to have your project on paper, you can download your Gantt project in the format you want: PDF, PNG, CVS…

Leverage Word, Excel, And PowerPoint For Gantt Presentations

Create more engaging Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets with our Microsoft integrations for Lucidchart. Insert your Lucidchart diagram into any Word, Excel, or Powerpoint file to break down large volumes of text, underpin data with corresponding visuals, or add an interactive diagram to a presentation.

Easily collaborate within Microsoft Teams by inserting your diagram as a tab in your team channel. Thanks to the integrated editor, you and your team can make your Gantt chart and share comments without leaving Teams.

How To Make A Gantt Online For Free With Lucidchart

Gather The Necessary Information For Your Free Gantt Chart

List information about your project’s timelines, stakeholders, and resources to ensure your Gantt chart is as complete as possible.

Select A Gantt Chart Template Or Start From A Blank Canvas From Lucidchart

To simplify the process of creating your free Gantt chart, select a template from our dedicated gallery and customize it according to your team’s needs.

Customize The Template To Meet Your Needs

Specify milestones and deadlines for your project, then adjust the bars to match the expected duration for each visually.

Insert Your Gantt Chart Into An MS Office Or G Suite Document To Make A Presentation

Use our integrations to easily export your Gantt chart free to Google Drive, Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Teams for editing and sharing.

Collaborate, Analyze, Improve And Share With Your Team Members

Share the latest version of your Gantt chart online with stakeholders to analyze potential pain points, refresh data, and review project progress.

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