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Popular Instagram: How To Maintain A High Growth

How to use the Instagram Popular page to ensure greater visibility for your posts. The Instagram platform has been an objective point of reference for years for companies that intend to do business on the net. The companies that use Instagram to give greater visibility to their products, regardless of the product sector and market segment, are constantly looking for effective strategies to send their posts among the ” popular ” while maintaining a high growth trend. 

Instasamy.com, the Milanese social media agency, has invented a trick to send the content of Instagrammers to the ” Popular ” and ” Explore ” pages of Instagram. Among the agency’s clients, there are mainly well-known brands and influencers.  The developed system allows those who create the content to achieve organic growth and ” in the target. 

Tools like Instagram’s ” Popular ” and ” Explore ” pages have always been goals for brands and influencers. ” Popular Instagram ” is a section in which it is essential to appear to obtain maximum visibility; ” Explore ” is that page whose content is personalized according to the behavior of each user on Instagram.

For example, if a user often interacts with photos of cats and shoes, within this page, Instagram will mainly offer images belonging to the two categories. The secret recipe: for your posts to end up on those pages, you need to ensure that these posts receive likes, saves, comments, impressions, and reach within a certain period.

Many are still convinced that the only data that matters are the public ones: likes and followers. But for several months, Instagram has evaluated whether a post is authoritative based on user behavior. As for the likes, they explain from Instasamy; we could easily say: ” goodbye likes and welcome post saves. “Post saves are now as crucial as likes. User behavior on Instagram has changed, and the social network itself has evolved as a result.

Now you can save it and insert it in your album precisely as you would on Pinterest. Or: if you want to show your friends a funny post, tag the friend in the comment. Action that is no longer done as users can forward the content directly by clicking on the appropriate button “, observe the managers of Instagram.

How The Instagram Popular Page Works

To obtain maximum visibility by leveraging the characteristics and behavior of the ” Popular ” page Instagram, it is good to follow some essential steps:

  1. Before posting, search the ” Tag ” section of Instagram for a keyword that best describes the content.
  2. In the ” Tags ” section, Instagram will show popular posts for that search keyword and related words in bold.
  3. Instagram, in a nutshell, is saying: if you want your post to end up in this section, use these keywords (the word that best describes your photo, plus related words). However, you shouldn’t enter more than six.
  4. Once the content has been posted (preferably a single photo), the post will start receiving likes, saves, comments, impressions, and reach: all data proportionate to the size of the profile.
  5. Fifteen minutes later, whoever created the content will click on each hashtag entered to check if the post has ended up in Instagram’s ” Popular ” section. Also, from the ” insights ” under the post, it is possible to understand if the photo has gone into the ” Popular.
  6. Influencers usually take a screenshot of the post when it goes to ” Popular ” and then insert this information in their media kit and show it to brands. A shrewdness helps demonstrate one’s skills and the “authority” gained over time.

Those who use the precautions described above already obtain natural growth. Let’s assume that a user was looking for #bag fashion on Instagram: in the ” Tags ” section, he will find the post published using that hashtag. 

The user will remain positively conditioned by the fact that that post is in the ” Popular ” section and will concentrate his interest there as ” Instagram has expressly selected that post, rewarded it, and considers it authoritative. ” The same user will probably go to check the identity of the author of the post and will probably follow him.

At this point, thanks to the natural and ” in target ” growth thus gained, if the creator of the successful post is a brand, it could increase sales; if he is an influencer, he will probably get a new follower or even a new project from a brand (it would allow the brand to position itself on Instagram with creative content for specific keywords).

” There are brands that as a goal work to saturate not a market but specific keywords, to almost always appear in those search keywords with their products, “comments Instasamy again, which offers different packages to promote their posts on Instagram and make them appear in the ” Popular ” page. The system used by Instasamy also works well with keywords such as ” fashion, “used by 769 million people.

For “big influencers” and significant brands, organic growth is not enough: why However, Instagram explains that the most prominent influencers and influential brands no longer look only for organic growth but aim to keep the growth trend consistently high. For this reason, even today, they continue to buy followers. The question that many are asking is: does Instagram delete accounts that buy followers?

“It would be enough to buy followers and tie them to the Instagram account you want to fuss to knock out the fiercest competition. This is not the case, many people buy followers, and Instagram today does not penalize the accounts that do so. The only danger is bots which are never to be used .”

Instagram Deletes Accounts That Acquire Followers Through Bots

For example, accounts that transfer the password to external software not approved by Facebook, which automates accounts by following, unfollowing, or viewing stories, messages, and so on, are banned forever from the platform. In July 2019, Instagram updated its algorithms, and most bots disappeared, so millions of euro businesses, such as Fuelgram, jumped. 

On the web, some very dangerous bots still promise miracles for a few hundred euros, but they will soon be out of action. Remember that acquiring followers through bots is not recommended because you risk having your profile removed and because of security-related reasons.

Some influencers and brands deliver their passwords too superficially to foreign companies that never show their identity (who they are, where they are based, contacts, terms, and conditions of use,…). Thus all information in the account can be reused without limits by unknown third parties. In some cases, Instagram accounts are even sold to the highest bidder without the rightful owner being even aware of it.

What Is Drip Feed

The expression Drip Feed does not simply refer to ” diluting the release of followers ” using some automatism. Instagram explains that it is much more than a technique used by “prominent insiders, “not by average brands and influencers, to demonstrate that their Instagram accounts are constantly growing (for obvious commercial and marketing reasons).

Big agencies constantly monitor when certain Instagram accounts lose followers. With work also carried out through unique campaigns, studying the daily loss of the account “. Some accounts lose followers every day because Instagram automatically deletes spam. Those who know they have bought “artificial followers” lose many daily and, therefore, must add enough to compensate for the loss and increase growth.

The system developed by Instasamy has instead allowed many commercial realities to open their eyes to numbers that are too often inflated “artfully,” helping instead to give honest, lasting value over time to the contents they deserve.

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