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Retrieve A Disabled Instagram Account

Instagram has been debilitating many records for reasons unknown of late. Presumably, it is the unintentional blowback of the conflict against the peculiarity of “bots,” counterfeit likes, the acquisition of supporters, and the spread of fake news.

The Scare Of Account Deletion

Whether you use it for work or personal reasons, deleting your Instagram account is undoubtedly annoying, if not traumatic: it is an important work tool or a diary of what happened to us. Of these places you have visited, who have you met or who we experience a particular moment with? Fortunately, it never happened to me, but it did happen to some of my friends and clients: here’s how we managed to recover the Instagram accounts.

The First Step To Take To Recover The Instagram Account

The first tip is always to check and keep updated with the email and telephone number associated with your profile. Ensure the email is active and you can access it without problems. Also, link your Instagram account to your Facebook account – it’s another way to verify your identity. This does not mean you will have to publish your posts on Instagram and Facebook.

What Happens When Instagram Disables An Account

When an account is disabled, you receive an Instagram warning that your account has been suspended. Assuming this happened as of late, the application could request that you update your secret key, which might be sufficient to determine the issue and get your profile back. However, if some time has passed, you will not be prompted for a password update; then, let’s see what other ways there are. Click on “I am not a robot” and follow the instructions to confirm that you are a human and not an automatic program: you may have to identify statues, traffic lights, bridges, cabs, and taxis, among several photos.

So you should expect a text message (understand why the number must constantly be updated?) With a 6-digit code … while waiting, do not exit the app. As soon as you have them, enter them. It could also happen that they will ask you to send a selfie with the code written on a piece of paper. Posting a selfie from time to time doesn’t hurt, then. And anyway, console yourself … Some have undergone more bizarre checks. Once this is done, they will take some time to verify … you can request a review within 24 hours. After 24 hours, you should have the response from Instagram (check in the email, in all sections, even in spam). If the account has not been re-enabled, log back in with your username and password, and even if you read “the terms of use have been violated,” all is not lost. Click on “Learn more” in the error message and then access the support service.

  1. Your full name and surname
  2. Account name
  3. The email address (the one associated with the profile, of course)
  4. Phone number (the one related to the shape, of course)
  5. And the reasons why you believe the closure of the account is unfair

Once you have filled out the form, be patient: the answer can arrive in a few minutes or days. Check the email in all its subsections.


As mentioned, I know how precious the Instagram account is, whether you use it professionally or for personal reasons. 

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