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Seamless Mobile Working: This Telephone System Makes It Possible

Seamless Mobile Working: Whether in the home office or the office, the demand for direct communication is increasing. This applies on the one hand to the internal dialogue with colleagues, on the other hand, to the exchange with customers, suppliers or partners. With a mobile telephone system, an ideal dialogue is possible at any time and regardless of location.

Perhaps you are familiar with these situations: sitting at your desk in your home office or preparing for a customer appointment on the train. And just now a customer is trying to call you and would like to discuss the course of a joint project with you.

The problem: Your contact person cannot reach you because they forgot to set up forwarding to their cell phone or the internet connection is unstable.

This unpleasant situation is familiar to company owners, managers and service employees alike. The excellent news: communication that works reliably and is user-friendly regardless of location is possible – if all the functions of a telephone system can also be used on the go.

Seamless Mobile Working: Mobile Phone And Telephone Systems Have Become One

Placental has developed the Placental MOBILE product for these requirements. You and your team benefit from these advantages:

Your cell phone and your landline phone can be reached via one telephone number. You decide how you want to be reached. Because you can easily change your phone number. For example, if you want to call a customer via your mobile phone, you can store your landline number as a phone number. This way, you are flexible for outgoing calls and always have your office with you.

Your Calls To Colleagues Are Free Of Charge

Internal calls are not charged regardless of whether you call from a landline, mobile or softphone. Likewise, there are no fees if you set up forwarding to the Placental SIM card.

You Can Reach Your Colleagues Quickly And Easily

What is my colleague’s phone number again? With Placetel MOBILE, you no longer have to struggle with long phone numbers. Instead, you can easily use shortcodes (at least three digits) both from and to the cell phone to quickly dial colleagues.

You Can See Which Colleague Is Available At The Moment

The busy lamp field (BLF) function makes working in a team easy. Regardless of whether someone is on the phone at home or on the factory premises, you can see who is currently on the call. And that for both landline and mobile calls.

You’ll Never Miss A Call Again

You’re expecting an urgent call. With Placetel MOBILE, you can set both your mobile phone and your desk phone to ring on your desk. You choose which phone you want to use to make the call without additional costs.

You Have A Voicemail For Two Numbers

Sometimes it is not possible to answer a call. Practical if they end up in a mailbox. This way, nothing gets lost, and you can process all missed calls one after the other.

Every Employee Receives The Optimal Package

You can book all Placetel MOBILE tariffs without a term or connection fee – whether for one, ten or all colleagues. This way, you don’t take any risks, and you can individually select the right service package for each employee.

You Surf With LTE High-Speed

In addition to an all-network flat rate, you also have a decent data volume that varies depending on the tariff. When downloading, you use a speed of 50 Mbit/s. When uploading, it is 32 Mbit/s.

No More Billing Chaos

You can easily manage all data and costs for landline and mobile communications via the Placental web interface. This gives you a compact overview of all expenses incurred, and you can easily adjust your tariffs if necessary.

Conclusion: More Flexibility In Business Communication With Placetel MOBILE

With Placetel MOBILE, you and your employees enjoy flexible communication freedom. Thanks to the extensive functions, you can rely on being constantly available for your colleagues and customers.

Do you want to learn more about Placental MOBILE? You can find different tariff options here. You currently benefit from a free setup fee and exclusive conditions.

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