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Self, A Sales App To Help Large Companies Run Their Business

The application, created in 2013 and spread internationally, is designed to guide professionals and agents to achieve their objectives, with features suitable for enterprise sales networks. Trials have already started in the Utilities and Food and beverage sectors. We want to be the RunKeeper of salespeople.

Those involved in digital transformation processes know this well. Adopting solutions and practices that encourage change is the first requirement for a new organizational model to become fully operational, generating value and efficiency. 

It is on this awareness, as well as on the desire to propose a tool that penetrates the organization from the bottom, that Sellf’s approach to CRM is based, a Web and mobile application (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phones) which gives today, with the appointment of Mauro Catalano as Head of Enterprise Sales, it has the declared objective of becoming the personal trainer of the commercial force of medium and large companies. 

The logic is, in fact, that of apps – such as RunKeeper, for example – which help athletes stay fit and achieve pre-established training objectives by providing feedback on the activities carried out about the inputs entered, motivating the user to carry out specific actions and alerting them rewarding him when performances are lower or higher than expectations. 

Similarly, Self directs the efforts of the team and the individual towards the result by aggregating contact information and correlating initiatives aimed at prospects and customers with the return regarding turnover and margin, sharing updates and updates in real-time with management and connecting data through the synchronization of calendars, GPS, contacts and services such as Google Apps.

All with an intuitive user experience and mechanisms that can easily be defined as gamification. Born in 2013 essentially to support single agents and professionals, Self has grown internationally to reach 100 thousand users and won various awards among the developer communities and beyond.

In 2015, Apple awarded it the title of the best new Business worldwide application and most innovative application in Italy, chosen from more than two million Apps in the store. But it was also awarded by Confcommercio as Best App for service innovation. It was among the Over the Cloud contest winners organized by Digital Magics in collaboration with Oracle and Fastweb.

Three Directions: Contacts, Company And Negotiations

Now, as mentioned, the time has come for the giant leap. The entry into the Self team – currently made up of 15 resources – of Mauro Catalano“We move from the concept of complaint to that of complete», comments Catalano. In this sense, we offer a tool that helps salespeople complete tasks according to the organization’s priorities and with maximum flexibility. 

The platform moves along three lines: contacts, company and potential negotiations. On each of these lines, the user can open a task by entering a single piece of information and refine the objective as the application receives data and updates. The rollout of a traditional collaboration network takes at least three months. We can activate a network of twenty people in just four hours .” 

Among Sellf’s customers (which generates 55% of its turnover abroad), we can already mention Unicar, which specializes in the distribution of forklifts, and Waldner, which deals with medical technologies with a direct sales network aimed at hospitals and centers of healthcare. However, the company is conducting trials in the Utilities sector and cultivating contacts in the Food and beverage world.

Self-technology naturally does not replace the most popular CRM systems, nor does it intend to act as an alternative Business Intelligence tool, even if the more advanced versions (Performance, for an unlimited number of users which provides for the development of customized integrations, and Enterprise, for large sales teams that require dedicated infrastructures) offer statistical functions for creating reports and insights into business performance. 

The platform produces and notifies a lot of information from this point of view, but we plan to integrate, between CRM and Sales, with those who know how to do this job better than us, who instead aim to be the RunKeeper of salespeople»,  Nevertheless, the application can return KPIs that are fundamental when it comes to generating forecasts by correlating the proactivity of agents with sales results.

New Features, Like Document Sharing

On its arrival on the enterprise market, Self was implemented with new functions: thanks to the storage function, it is now possible to attach documents directly from Self and share them with the entire commercial network. At the same time, access to the application’s API allows integration with any management system or other company system/database. As the name suggests, the Hierarchical Team feature generates an advanced hierarchy for sales teams of all sizes. 

With Sharing, however, sales objectives can be assigned in a precise and, at the same time, flexible way, allowing the commercial network to coordinate specific campaigns. Among other things, Self is integrated with Slack, and users can interact by sharing documents and business results even within the professional chat. Finally, Customer Success Services is concerned with telephone and on-site support for configuration, data migration, and training for using the platform.

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