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Top 10 Software To Clean A PC For Free

Is your PC getting slower and slower? Are your installed programs struggling to launch? It is, therefore, time to clean it so that it regains its speed and performance. And for that, you need to use good computer cleaning software. The market is full of tools, but to help you get the best results, here are our top 10 free and effective PC cleaners.


When discussing cleaning and optimizing PCs, we often think of CCleaner. It is the reference in the matter. With its free version, you can analyze and optimize your machine. It quickly performs a health check to check the status of your computer and then offers various solutions to resolve any problems detected. CCleaner also integrates a custom cleanup feature. It lets you set your cleaning preferences for your installed files, system, or web browsers. 

It can even delete unnecessary items on your PC, such as installation and temporary files. Another strong point of CCleaner is its ability to clean the Windows Registry without the risk of permanently altering your computer. It removes excessive data that clutter your system and slows down your PC, such as obsolete programs or invalid keys. This software works on Windows and Mac.


When you surf the Web or install new software, small unwanted programs take the opportunity to implement themselves in your PC. This is called adware, adware. To get rid of it quickly, AdwCleaner is the best solution. Acquired by Malwarebytes in 2016, this tool is entirely free and very effective. It begins by quickly scanning your system. 

Then, it automatically eradicates all adware it finds. You need to restart your machine to enjoy a computer free of adware. To use it, AdwCleaner does not require any installation. It can scan your PC immediately after downloading and launching. This tool is also straightforward to use. With a simple click, you will know if adware slows down your computer.

Microsoft PC Manager

Microsoft PC Manager is an excellent cleaning, optimization, and protection software dedicated to computers that run on Windows. Currently, in public beta, it has several features. First, it performs a computer health check to detect significant issues that must be addressed. Its Boost feature lets you delete temporary files to free up RAM immediately. Microsoft PC Manager is also able to manage your storage.

It identifies the most extensive files and unnecessary files. It can erase them through integration with the native Windows uninstaller. With its built-in security feature, this software can always protect your PC. It checks for Windows driver and application updates and looks for possible malware. Microsoft PC Manager is free and compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Glary Utilities

With 19 years of experience, Glary Utilities is a well-known PC cleaning software. It is free, powerful, and complete! Whatever the problem with your computer, whether it is slow, buggy, or repeatedly displaying errors, Gary Utilities offers you more than 20 tools to optimize its performance.  This software can remove unwanted data from your PC to save disk space. It can also clean up the Registry to eliminate obsolete entries or useless empty folders. Among its other features are:

  1. A file shredder.
  2. A recovery of deleted or lost files.
  3. A context menu manager.
  4. A tool to update your software.

Glary Utilities works straightforwardly and is compatible with Windows.


WiseCleaner is one of the oldest PC cleaning software, and its effectiveness is well-established. It will do just fine if you want to speed up your computer and fix errors and freezes. This tool can support Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP. WiseCleaner has several features. It can clean unnecessary stuff from your Windows system, like temporary files, log files, cache, error reports, etc. 

It also can completely erase all traces of your passages on the Internet to protect your privacy. Its defrag feature reorganizes fragmented folders so your disks can run more efficiently. WiseCleaner offers an option to program an automatic cleaning of your PC to facilitate its use. Depending on your preferences, you can configure it daily, weekly or monthly.

Clean Master

Clean Master is a free yet powerful PC cleaner for scanning multiple programs. It automatically scans files as soon as you launch it. This operation only takes a few seconds. It then displays the disk space that can be freed up and the extensive information about the files found. To significantly boost your PC, Clean Master can achieve multi-level cleaning. 

It can delete temporary files, log files, system cache, and Recycle Bin. It can also eliminate any risk related to web browsing by clearing the cache of your web browsers. This browser can also clean the buffer of media players, the useless files of your various applications, and the Registry. Clean Master stands out for its clear, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.


BleachBit is a simple and intuitive PC cleaner to eliminate unnecessary files that slow down your computer and clutter its hard drive. It also ensures the privacy of your data on the Internet by deleting browser cache, cookies, history, passwords, etc. Much more than free, it is open-source software under the GPL license. 

You can install it under both Linux systems and Windows systems. In addition to simple file deletion, BleachBit has other more advanced features. It can, for example, permanently destroy files or folders so that no one can recover them. You can also integrate it with your main web browsers to perform deep cleaning and make them faster.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

As its name suggests, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a solution exclusively dedicated to Windows. It is perfectly suitable for beginner users thanks to its 1-Click-Optimize functionality. A single mouse click allows you to start scanning and cleaning your PC. Each software tool also comes with a description for quick and easy handling. 

A veritable digital Swiss army knife, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is made up of around thirty tools that are classified into several categories. For the maintenance of your system, it allows you to clean your disks and your Internet traces, optimize the Registry and defragment your files. In addition, this software can thoroughly analyze your system and manage your applications to improve the performance of your computer.

Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair combines several tools to identify and repair issues affecting your PC’s performance. It works on Windows and MacOS. First, Outbyte PC Repair can clean up your system and disk space. It quickly removes invalid redirects, corrupt DLL files, temporary files, cache, etc. Apart from its cleaning feature, it gives you a quick overview of your machine’s performance, like load, CPU speed, RAM status, etc. You can also use it in addition to your antivirus. Outbyte PC Repair can turn certain Windows features on or off while alerting you to missing updates.


Our top 10 best free PC cleaning software ends with AuslogicsDiskDefrag. Recommended by experts, this tool is among the fastest and most efficient to reunify your files. It usually takes less than 10 minutes to rearrange data stored on a medium-sized hard drive. This defragmentation allows you to optimize your disk and make your computer faster.

AuslogicsDiskDefrag is installable on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11. It comes with several features. It can tell you about the most fragmented files and the location of each fragment. You can defrag only the files or folders you want to save time. Its operation and appearance can also be customized according to your needs.

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