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[Tutorial] How To Manage Your Human Resources Remotely?

Telecommuting is the new star of work organizations. The principle is simple: do the work you usually do outside the company’s premises. However, telework can only improve the functioning of teams and the company with the right tools and an upstream implementation. Therefore, the subject of this article is to explain how to make it possible to manage a company’s human resources by being in telework thanks to HRIS software and the digitization of HR management processes.

Impact Of COVID-19 On Work And Human Resource Management

Covid-19 has profoundly changed our habits worldwide. Among the practices that have had to evolve, our approach to work is one of the most significant changes. With the pandemic came the era of telework! While workspaces and offices have undergone considerable change in recent years with the advent and idealization of offices such as those of Facebook or Google, putting everything in place for the well-being of employees and the employer brand, we are now discussing workplace flexibility.

 A laptop and an internet connection are enough to work today, but is it enough to ensure employees’ productivity and well-being? Teleworking is all the more complex to set up for managers who have to manage their teams remotely and quickly find themselves overwhelmed with email exchanges or direct messages.

With all these changes and constraints, the human resources department quickly found itself having to solve many problems, especially adapting to digitization in an emergency. Fortunately, there is software that assists HR managers daily and makes it possible to digitize all of the company’s processes!

How Can HRIS Software Help Manage HR Tasks Remotely? Demonstration!

Imagine the case of Hélène, who is one of the HR managers most affected by the pandemic and confinement. She quickly understood that the only way for her company’s human resources to face the crisis was to digitize all the management processes that affected them quickly. This tutorial will use the Factorial software, an HRIS that digitizes all HR tasks and centralizes them on a single platform. Let’s discover together what a remote work day looks like in Hélène’s life!

Work Time Tracking

When Hélène is ready to start her day, the first thing she does is start recording her working hours by clocking in from the Factorial platform. In one click, she starts counting her working hours; these are directly synchronized on her timesheet. Since it’s the end of the month, she must also approve her employees’ timesheets, something she does directly from the platform.

To adapt to his needs, Factorial allows him to set up the score from the mobile application. The latter can be activated with geolocation, allowing Hélène to supervise her teams better, even remotely. When returning to the office, she will register her working time using a QR code installed at the entrance to the office. Employees can scan it with their mobile application to track their working hours.

Leave And Absence Management

It’s the holiday season, and Hélène has several requests to evaluate. She finds them all on the attached platform with the dates and teams concerned. She can quickly check for overlapping holidays using the team calendar .Via the software, its employees can specify the type of leave they request and then upload proof of absence to the platform if necessary. Hélène will find everything centralized on the forum, and there is no need to exchange emails or sign documents in person.

Recruitment Management

Telework helps recruitment and growth! Hélène is currently in the process of recruiting for a marketing position. On Factorial, she can follow the whole process from creating the offer to hire. In addition to being one of many to make the decision, she thus integrated the marketing manager at the selection stage. The latter will therefore be able to add their comments concerning each candidate on the platform directly. Hélène created an attractive career page with her software that boosts her employer brand.

Document Management, Combined With Electronic Signature

Hélène has found the ideal candidate for the marketing department, and she must now make every effort to hire her. First step: draw up your employment contract. On Factorial, documents can be uploaded and then distributed and signed. As a result, Hélène uploads the contract in question to Factorial on the candidate’s profile. The software created the latter automatically after indicating a change in the candidate’s status. 

Then, it sends a signature request to the candidate so that he can sign his contract in one click. Hélène often uses the document management functionality for the personnel file and payslips! She downloads the document with all the payslips on Factorial. The software divides the paper into payslips according to the employee’s code and sends it to his profile.

Integration Of A New Employee

Now that the contract is signed and registered in the Factorial profile of the candidate, it is time to integrate the recruit into his new position and team. Even remotely, Hélène can offer an excellent experience to her employment with the flow of Onboarding. It has already set up all the tasks that the candidate must follow to become familiar with the company and his position, such as reading the Handbook or the guide to one of the tools used in the marketing department.

 The candidate has to follow the flow. For her part, Hélène also has a flow of tasks set up upstream that she can follow, such as planning an introductory call with the whole team. Throughout this process, the software guides Hélène and the employee to ensure the best possible experience without physically meeting the employee.

Internal Events And Communications

The new employee is now well on the way thanks to Onboarding, but they still have to inform all employees that they have a new colleague. Hélène creates a press release that will be shared on the Factorial homepage of all users. They will even be able to interact with the press release to welcome the recruit virtually.

Management Of Expense Reports

Now is the time to get down to the numbers! First, Hélène must take a look at the employees’ expense reports. The latter uploaded their expense reports and all the supporting documents necessary for reimbursement directly on Factorial. They are classified by type and accompanied by all the required information, such as the date or project. The approval managers thus can validate or reject the expense report in one click. Hélène has to look at the summary of fees by department or by the team.

Centralized Management Of Payroll Variables

It’s the end of the month, and Hélène must prepare to send salaries. From the “Payroll” section on Factorial, she can find all the variables that affect the salaries of her employees, such as the overtime they have worked or their absences. She downloads the file in Excel format and can then complete the payment process for her employees.

Evaluation Of Performances

This is also the time for Hélène to assess the status of human resources. Earlier this week, she created a questionnaire on Factorial about the skills of her employees with questions like “What job do you do best?” or “What tasks do you think you can improve on?”. Hélène was able to conduct her skills assessment without having had face-to-face meetings with the employees. Of course, if necessary, Hélène will plan some videoconferences to deepen the answers collected.

Reports And HR KPIs

It’s already the end of the day! Hélène has an important month-end meeting tomorrow morning that she wants to prepare. She needs to collect specific data on human resources in the company because tomorrow, a strategic decision will be made based on these. By going to her “Reports” section, she finds personalized reports she has created to find essential data for the company quickly.

However, it is missing a piece of data, so it will create a report or use one of the predefined templates. She will thus be able to complete her dashboard on Factorial, which she can present tomorrow during her videoconference. able to carry out all her HR tasks and be more productive without being physically present. Welcome to the era of telework and the digitalization of human resources!

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