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What Are These Mobile Apps That Are Setting The Tone?

Smartphones have become the number 1 digital tool in just a few years. You can do almost everything with your phone, order a pizza, find your way, chat with friends, take photos, and learn and improve in different areas. Music is no exception to the rule, and many apps dedicated to instruments give real music teachers a hard time as they compete with them at knock-down prices. Music creation apps are also in the spotlight, allowing composers to create anywhere and anytime, especially when inspiration knocks on the door!

Learn The Guitar: Frenchies In The Spotlight With CoachGuitar

It is relatively rare for an Indian company to be talked about among the Gafa. And it is the successful bet by CoachGuitar who managed to bring the CEO of Apple, i.eTim Cook, to his premises, just that! Coach Guitar is a guitar method that allows you to learn to play the guitar from your smartphone (it exists on iPhone and Android ). This method, invented by Boris Douarre, uses colored dots that represent your fingers.

 You have to memorize the colorful patterns and reproduce them. In a few weeks, you will find yourself playing complete songs, but above all, songs that sound good! Indeed it is one of the few methods to offer tablatures and lessons checked from A to Z. The pieces are described slowly, part by part, which allows the beginner to immerse himself in the piece he will have. Selected. This method has also been voted favorite by the site “La Carte Musique.”

Learn The Piano: Simply Piano

The applications to learn to play the Piano are formidable. One of the most famous is Simply Piano. You can learn without knowing music theory. The application will teach you to read music but also to play it. Indeed Simply Piano is an interactive visual method. The software detects your errors and corrects you in real-time. The video is more telling than a long speech, and I put below a video of a student who learned to play with this method; it’s simply stunning!

iRealPro: Revise Your Grids And Improvise

If you are from another generation, you may know the “Minus One CDs”; they were soundtracks with an instrument removed. For example, a “karaoke” tape without the guitar part. This allowed you to practice as you would with a group. With the iRealPro app, it’s much more convenient.

You can download ready-made grids in the key that interests you or create them yourself. But above all, the main advantage is that you can adjust the metronome’s tempo to work at your own pace, which is slower for beginners, experts, and soloists. It is the essential tool of any modern musician, from beginners to professionals, whatever instrument is used.

Write Music: iWriteMusic

After a certain age, you must have known Cubase Audio and maybe even Bars N Pipes on the Amiga. In the 90s, these two software were the two leaders in music writing. Now, you no longer need an ultra-powerful computer to write your scores; a digital tablet or a smartphone is enough. iWriteMusic is a traditional notation writing app. Perfect for musicology students, for teachers, and of course for classical and jazz musicians who can’t help noting everything perfectly on a staff.

Create Electronic Sounds: Inphonic

In the past, to create artificial sounds, you had to have a “synth.” You most likely remember the Yamaha DX7s, other Korg M1s, and Akai S950s from the 80s-90s. Now the computer does everything, and often even much better; your smartphone can also create sounds as the computing power of modern microprocessors has exploded. 

We are also witnessing a nostalgic sound effect, and more and more software synthesizers are trying to reproduce the FM sound of yesteryear, but with better overall quality since we end up with sound generated in 16 or 24 bits. ! This is the case of Inphonik and its R-YM2612, which recreates the sounds of the YM2612 chipset, which was that of the Sega Mega Drive… but with “2019” audio quality.

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