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Influencer Marketing: The Trends To Remember For The Year 2023

New communication channels are revolutionizing how a brand’s products or services are promoted to consumers. We will look at influence marketing on social networks, which is now an integral part of the communication policy of many companies.

Influencer Marketing, What Is It?

Influencer marketing is a communication lever at the service of brands. It aims to use the recommendation potential of influencers to help sell a product. In most cases, this influence marketing operates on social networks thanks to influential content creators in their environment, whether in beauty, fashion, gaming, sport, etc.

The Impact Of Influence On Different Sectors

Influencer marketing, as said before, impacts a wide variety of sectors. 

The Beauty

One sector stands out more than the others; it is obviously that of beauty. Indeed, for a cosmetic and skincare brand, influencers are essential for communication. The different formats offered by social networks, such as short videos, photo publications, and longer videos, promote the presentation of products through “crash test” videos or reviews, for example. On the other hand,  the beauty world is the sector that has seen many influencer beauty brands appear. 

The Fashion

The second sector whose influence has a real impact on fashion, particularly on Instagram. Indeed, Instagram is known to be a social network based on aesthetics, beautiful photos, etc. Major ready-to-wear brands like Maje, Zalando, Sandro, Nike, etc., use influencer marketing on Instagram because influencers have a very strong impact on their communities regarding fashion. 


Mainly, on YouTube and Twitch,  designers of video games on smartphones and consoles collaborate a lot with influencers. Remember, for YouTube video lovers, especially creator  Amixem, World Of Tanks, a mobile game, has long achieved product placements through influence. Other sectors are impacted by influencer marketing, like technology, food, travel, etc.

The Trends Of 2023

The Inevitable Instagram

Instagram has been the preferred social network for influencer marketing for several years. Again this year, the platform is rising and remains the most lucrative platform for brands. Indeed, with its improvements and the addition of features,  Instagram remains the favorite social network for 15-35-year-olds. 

Twitch And Live Streaming

A few sorts of force to be reckoned with correspondence should be possible on Jerk. For instance, the whoop compares to the summoning of a brand or item by the decoration in his life. Likewise, unpacking comprises opening an item or a gift a brand sends. At long last, gamification crusades are utilized to produce interest. The commitment rate on Jerk is a lot higher than on other informal organizations. To be sure, contact is easier and more cozy through the visit with which you can talk straightforwardly about the decoration. What is the upside of Jerk for brands?

The Video Format

Currently, on each social network, video content is present. And that’s because that’s what works! Indeed,  video content continues to attract audiences and consumers. Influencers can offer more creative and spontaneous things to their audience. The video format is, therefore, an essential part of influencer marketing. 

Long Collaborations

The commitment between a brand and an influencer is better perceived by listeners when it is sustainable. This proves that the influencer shares the values ​​of the brand and that he trusts it, which has the same effect vis-à-vis the audience and the brand. Long-term collaborations can take the form of recurring sponsorship of content. Or, influencers can have a creative role like Léna Situations, who has collaborated for several years with the Jennyfer brand to release capsule clothing collections in her image. 

Micro-Influencers And Their Expertise

Specialized influencers have succeeded in creating a very engaged community around their center of interest. We are talking about a niche here because the audience is smaller than that of some influencers, but it is more invested. The return on investment will therefore be excellent because the target to be reached is gathered around the influencer. 

An Ethical Commitment

We can see significant changes in mentality in 2020, particularly through the Black Lives Matter movement, or even on ecological aspects and local consumption. These changes make influencers think twice before collaborating with a brand. Indeed,  the emphasis is now on sharing common values ​​and transparency with the audience. Gone are the days when big-name influencers hid product placements. Consumers want sincerity. Influencer marketing, therefore, holds a very important place on social networks today. Using it well is essential to benefit the companies that use it.

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