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Why 5G Is Leading Companies Into A New Era

5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications, is considered the successor to the current 4G (LTE) standard, and forms the basis for extensive digitization of all areas of life. And beyond that, it will firmly anchor Industry 4.0. Industrial companies worldwide rely on 5G connectivity to realize their digital transformation because this 5G technology brings several advantages.

The auction of 5G licenses brought the federal government almost 6.5 billion euros. Providers can now push ahead with network expansion. For companies, the new mobile technology brings enormous performance advantages: First, 5G will mean a significant technological leap forward that cannot be compared with the change from 3G to 4G because the fifth generation of mobile communications can achieve a transmission speed that is up to 100 times higher than LTE.

Likewise, multiple different things can be linked due to a massively higher capacity. Side effect: Networked devices have much less downtime than before. They consume less power, and data is transmitted in real-time.

5G Brings These Advantages

5G brings five key improvements: Data rates of 10 Gbit/s are possible. The use of new frequency ranges, more frequency capacity, data throughput, and latency times of less than a millisecond can then be implemented.

This requires significant changes at many elementary points of communication transmission. Specific applications can already be implemented with earlier 5G versions. Even the highest data rates or latencies of around one millisecond have already been realized in tests.

These Companies Will Benefit From 5G

Here, of course, most companies need a stable and fast network at their locations.

For them, it is essential that all data from numerous machines can be reliably monitored and evaluated – and in real-time. 5G will also be superior to your own company WiFi network and comparable to fiber-optic networks in terms of speed.

The control of machines in real-time and the service area will be revolutionized: thanks to high-performance broadband and augmented reality (AR), it will be possible to staff and optimize the service with location-independent employees.

From supply and operational control to logistics: 5G offers the highest level of performance for all stages along the value chain. The bad news is that it will still take some time before this becomes established in mobile phone networks. But companies can already prepare for this in a targeted manner.

Set The Course Now So That You Don’t Miss The Connection

The area-wide expansion for the general public by the telecommunications companies will only be ready in a few years. According to the expansion requirements that network operators must meet, 98 percent of households, motorways, and many railway lines will be connected to the high-speed network by the end of 2022.

It is now of considerable importance, especially for IT, to be prepared when 5G affects your own company.

  • Learn from previous applications: At this point, there are already some practical examples that need to be checked to see whether they can be applied to your own company. Case studies can be identified in videos and blogs to demonstrate relevance for your applications. Because 5G will advance the digital networking of robots, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Test, compare and evaluate: IT should acquire a bird’s eye view early and evaluate and test exciting offers. In the beginning, it should be critically observed which alternatives are possible and which solution providers should specifically request. Especially in the early stages of new technologies, producers are more willing to deliver machines for a test phase. A win-win situation: In this phase, they receive good feedback from the companies from the practical application area and can profitably adapt their products.
  • Lessons learned from the past: As with the switch from 3G to 4G, there will also be a heterogeneous phase with the fifth generation of mobile communications, in which 4G, 5G, and WLAN will be used in parallel. In the meantime, several applications will not be able to provide a permanently high level of performance due to “network slicing.” The aim here is to identify the possible causes and resolve them consistently. At this point, Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is of far-reaching importance to ensure the best possible feedback during this transitional period.


Although 5G will not be used everywhere immediately, it will represent a fundamental game-changer for digital transformation. Freelance IT experts should accept the planning of their own company for the new application possibilities as an opportunity with enormous prospective potential.

In the future, they will be of enormous importance, which will be essential for the development of companies because 5G will drive a complex set of crucial issues for the future such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and the Internet of Things.

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