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Advertising On Instagram, Where To Start?!

Like the multiple million sponsors you need to impart on Instagram to advance your image, here are our four moves toward sending off your most memorable mission. Among marking and change, the informal organization with perfect visuals offers alternate points of view contingent upon your favored market. What is sure is that Instagram unites 800 million clients overall consistently. Vivid and impeccably incorporated into the feed, Instagram promotions offer a moving, imaginative territory. To test!

Define Your Campaign Objectives

Depending on your ambitions, you can use the Instagram community to achieve different marketing objectives. So, if you are looking for notoriety for your business, focus on:

  1. The reach of your post, to be seen by as many people as possible, coverage, and number of repetitions. Be careful not to exert too much commercial pressure…
  2. Local awareness: if you have points of sale

If you are looking to generate more consideration and therefore do more teaching about your products/services, focus more on an objective of:

  1. clicks to your website/landing page
  2. video views
  3. cover and repeats, also

Finally, if you want to increase your volume of conversions or sell, aim instead for the objectives:

  1. website conversions
  2. dynamic Instagram ads
  3. Installation of mobile applications
  4. Interaction with a mobile app

Choose The Most Suitable Format

With your goal, you must select the best format to achieve it. Instagram again offers various possibilities, more or less sophisticated.

The Photo Advertising Format

It is very classic and integrated into the feed. Available in square or landscape, it is undoubtedly the most native and easy-to-implement format on Instagram.

Video Advertising

More narrative than a simple image, video allows you to extend the brand universe by adding sound, movement, and energy. Also available in squares or landscapes, these video advertisements do not exceed 60 seconds.

Carousel Advertising

Also classic, the carousel offers a succession of several images to scroll through with a swipe of your finger. More complete; this format allows you to be more narrative or multiply the models, proposals, etc. Namely, the same carousel can mix images and video.

Advertising In Stories

Viral stories, the short format of Instagram, are also an original way to recruit new subscribers or promote your brand content. With screens of up to 15 seconds, advertising in Stories is perfect for showcasing your products.

Target Your Instagram Audience

Coupled with Facebook, Instagram has an exciting targeting capability to strengthen your community. So, you have the choice between different targeting criteria to create your audience segments:

  1. location: by defining a list of precise positions, from the city to the countries
  2. demographic data:  age, gender, language… Classic!
  3. Interests: defined according to the apps used, the ads clicked, etc.
  4. behaviors: an audience calibrated according to  activities on social networks
  5. personalized audiences:  to already identified customers for whom you have email and telephone number
  6. similar audiences whose profile is consistent with your subscribers/targets
  7. automatic targeting: specified by Instagram by mixing the different targeting criteria

Launch Your First Campaign On The Social Network

With your battle plan in mind, here are the final steps for putting your first Instagram campaign online  :

  1. If it’s not too much trouble, make a record (clearly!) and, most importantly, change it to an expert profile. To have a favorable Instagram account, you should interface with your Facebook page.
  2. Design your mission. To do this, you can work straightforwardly from the Instagram application or the Facebook Promotions Supervisor.
  3. Set a financial plan and broadcast span.
  4. Distribute! All that is left is to accept your mission endorsement warning, which should be speedy!

Every one of your outcomes is accessible in the Facebook Advertisements Administrator or Instagram Measurements. Make sure to dissect your exhibition!

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