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Gantt Software: What It Is And Its Advantages

What Is Gantt Software?

The Gantt chart represents, through a structured presentation, the programming of the course of events of an undertaking, showing on the flat hub the timetable for doing a venture and, on the upward pivot, the exercises that make up the task. Each undertaking is addressed by a hued bar from the beginning to the auction’s end date. 

After entering all the tasks in the Gantt software, you will have a visual scheme of how the project is structured, immediately seeing which tasks come first and which ones come after. It allows you to enter into specifics, indicating who the resource assigned to a specific activity is, whether they work full-time or part-time, the amount of work done and the remaining work, and even clarifies the cost associated with each activity.

This diagram also indicates the name of the project tasks, their dependency relationships, the temple dates, and the estimated time to complete them. Remember that this diagram must be set up only after the conception of a project, i.e., immediately after the composition of the project WBS, intended to describe the composition of the activities and sub-activities.

What Is Gantt Software Used For?

Freelancers and work teams absolutely cannot underestimate the importance of Gantt software, which is an indispensable tool in planning a project, as it allows one to facilitate its planning by respecting the terms of the various tasks. The Gantt is very easy to understand. 

By reading the colored bars, you understand the things to do, with the relative durations and deadlines. Project managers will be able to understand a project’s start and end date.  Moreover, activities are kept track to remember everything, bearing in mind that some activities can be carried out at any time and others at specific times. 

In the project representation, it is possible to identify the critical path and the sequence of activities that connect the project’s beginning and end and determine the completion date. Identifying the critical path helps reduce the time needed to complete the project, indicating the sequence to give more attention to avoid compromising the final date.

How A Gantt Software Works

It is essential to have clear ideas about the activities to be carried out before creating a project. Next, you must identify resources, set deadlines, and establish dependencies between tasks. Regarding creating the Gantt chart, the excel spreadsheet is considered the ideal tool to use for this purpose. 

There are five main parts of a Gantt chart, such as the box showing the name of the activity, and the activity bar, which contains information regarding the start and end of the activity and its progress. Then there is the so-called activity relationship which represents the priority of the work to be carried out. 

For example, activity X cannot start until after the completion of activity Y. Resource management and the so-called critical points of the project are also of fundamental importance. The first intended to assign specific tasks to certain resources, while the second underlines the presence of a significant result.

 Suppose a manager wants to introduce this method into his workflow. In that case, he must verify that his projects meet criteria such as deadlines, the need to work on multiple tasks simultaneously, and the need for collaboration between different employees and departments. In the presence of these requirements, using the Gantt method will be satisfactory from all points of view.

The Advantages Of Using A Gantt Software

  1. It permits you to sort out the exercises of the WBS, i.e., the scientific design of an undertaking, characterizing the connections and limitations between the different exercises and featuring undesirable covering cases.
  2. It is flexible, as it can separate a solitary venture all along, and it is possible to have an outline of various undertakings in a solitary Gantt diagram.
  3. Adaptable, as it permits you to refresh the venture and have an outline of surprising changes.
  4. Partitioning numerous exercises and timetables into a solitary display allows us to comprehend where the group is in each venture stage.
  5. It replaces gatherings, giving updates on the advancement of an undertaking.
  6. This chart can be utilized to introduce a venture, and its resulting stages, to possible loan specialists.
  7. Improve the inspiration of colleagues because of an unmistakable outline. They will want to figure out their general execution, obtaining a superior familiarity with the results of postpones on an undertaking.

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