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List Of 40 Siri Commands To Make Everyday Life Easier

No need to remember Siri. She is a virtual assistant at. It would help if you had no introduction. It can be found in the iPhone, the Apple Watch, the IPAD, AND the Mac and inside the HomePod. It is also found in Camels. It can do many things for you in the background, such as suggesting actions or apps or answering a series of questions. There are many commands for Siri; Some are more evident than others. But they are all handy for consulting apps, answering questions, setting alarms, receiving or sending messages, etc.

This is why Infobae brings up a list of 40 things to say to Siri. Commands, questions, actions, or activities to make Siri more useful in everyday life. A convenient and fun way to use Apple Hardware without having to unlock the screen or touch a single physical or virtual button. This is just what the voice commands have to say “Hey Siri / Hey Siri.”  Send messages with emojis. What’s happening in iOS 16 is that Siri can send emoticons to the instant messages you need. This means that when you say something to Siri to type a text message, email, or message, you can use not just words but an emoji or two.

For this to be possible, you must tell Siri the emoji’s name. Something isn’t always easy. If you are dictating a sentence and want to include emojis for a moment, you should say “emoji” and name it. There are many examples: smile emoji, big eye emoji, tongue emoji, handshake emoji, and many more. Ask Siri what to do Siri can do many things you wouldn’t know where to start. The best way is to drive Siri. “Hey Siri, what can I do here?

Along with WhatsApp, you can ask Siri to send a message, call or read your WhatsApp messages aloud without reading them. Commands to control your iPhone. Due to their simplicity, there are some simple Siri  commands you may already know or haven’t thought of. It depends on what your iPhone does and what you can do with the physical buttons or virtual menus it provides. iOS. But everything can be replaced by voice commands.

  1. Open the app. It is used for device apps and for new apps that have been installed.
  2. Turn on or off. Connect or disconnect WIFI AND Bluetooth Mobile data, etc.
  3. Increase or decrease the volume. Perfect for audio, music, or video applications.
  4. silent to Silence. Pause or stop what was playing at the time.
  5. Put X on Spotify. Ask Siri for music from a Spotify vocalist, collection, melody, or playlist.
  6. Play music from. Of course, Siri plays music from Apple Music. Ask him anything: records, styles, tunes, gatherings, artisans, and collections, among others.
  7.  Call X. Try calling one of the contacts. It is also used in comparison time making.
  8. Send a message from X to Y. You can send text messages from the official Apple app or by indicating which app you are sending it with and which contact you want to write to Alerts, reminders, and shopping list

One of the most common uses of Siri is to ask him to remember something at a particular time. Or get up in the morning. Or on the other hand, add a thing to your shopping list when you go to the store. Either way, plenty of Siri commands help you place an appointment, event, or something on your TV

  1. remind me (do something) in (hour and day).
  2. Let me know when it is (time and day).
  3. wake me up tomorrow (or a specific day) in (time).
  4. Is there an alarm activated?
  5. Tell me my reminders
  6. Do I have plans for the weekend?
  7. Set the countdown (X seconds or minutes).
  8. Where did I park the car? It works with Apple Maps files If you mark the location of your car.

How To Reach Different Places

Siri can act as a co-driver for you while driving, walking, or using public transport. Using information from Apple Maps and the Internet, you can navigate to a destination, find points of interest, and not get lost wherever you go.

  1. How to go
  2. How do I get to
  3. I want to go to
  4. I want to go home/work. If you refer to these addresses as such, Siri will guide you there.
  5. Where am I?
  6. What is the distance between X and Y?
  7.  Where is X. …

Weather And Other Vital Questions

Find out the time, the result of a football match, OR the year such a historical event occurred, which can be very useful. You can also find out the meaning of words, translate them into other languages ​​, perform arithmetic operations, convert units of measurement, etc.

  1. What time/day is it?
  2. What’s the weather like?
  3. Will it rain tomorrow?
  4. Will you be cold tonight?
  5. What’s the temperature?
  6. When does X play?
  7. How many kilometers are 20 miles? Coins, units of temperature, speed, distance, area, etc. A complete converter thanks to Siri and the Internet.

How do you say “o” in English? Brief consultations can be conducted in other languages Enjoy your time with Siri. When you’re bored or want to try Siri, you can ask Siri silly questions and ask her to tell a story or joke. There are many crazy, and funny voice commands available for Siri. Perhaps something new will be found through experience.

  1. Sing me a song. You will have to insist that Siri notices this.
  2. Tell me a joke. She has a good repertoire, but sometimes she repeats.
  3. Flip a coin. The organization of heads or crosses also works.
  4. Tell me a number from 1 to 10.
  5. Do you live with Alessia?
  6. What is 42?

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